Nice to meet you. I'm a brand designer passionate about creating products and visual experiences that feel human. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to crafting and delivering brand identities for a wide range of clients globally.


I help brands renovating their visual language and redefining their communication strategies across various platforms, including interactive, printed, and environmental applications. Together we conceptualize, prototype, promote, and successfully launch products ensuring a consistent and compelling brand expression across all touchpoints.


Brand Development

Creating brands that connect with people by getting to the heart of your story. Working with your team to understand where you came from, where you’re headed, and the personality and values that make you unique. Bringing human understanding to create ways to inspire the audience you want to reach.

  • Branding capabilities span
  • + Brand development & rebranding
  • + Brand style guide
  • + Positioning
  • + Tone of Voice, Copywriting
  • + Marketing Strategy
  • + Campaign Planning

The Design Process

Beginning with the logo and stretching across all digital and physical touchpoints, the design process brings together hand-made techniques with digital realisation to create visual identities that feel human. Working collaboratively throughout the iteration process, taking you on our journey from idea to final product as we realise your brand story.

  • Design capabilities span 
  • + Logo Design
  • + Product Design
  • + Visual identity 
  • + Iconography
  • + Illustration
  • + Collateral, print & packaging
  • + Environmental design
  • + Merchandise


Brand storytelling doesn’t stop with design, but is continued in how people interact with you in the connected world. Our strategic expertise sees us design digital products that enhance user experience, and deliver consistent, engaging and enjoyable outputs that quickly feel familiar.

  • Digital capabilities span
  • + Website design
  • + Digital product and app design
  • + Social media templates
  • + CRM design

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